Jamal Crawford’s BrandBlack Sneakers In NY Stores


( 4UMF NEWS) Jamal Crawford's BrandBlack Sneakers In NY Stores :

What is it with basketball silhouettes taking the lifestyle approach with studded diamond abrasions this year? The Nike Kyrie 1’s heel plate, the Jordan Melo M11’s ankle support, and even Jamal Crawford’s BrandBlack signature sneaker all feature lifestyle qualities to make them as easy to wear off-court as on. The BrandBlack J.Crossover II “Future Legends” will be available this Wednesday, January 21st at RISE featuring a clean navy and tan aesthetic. California based-BrandBlack hooked up with Jamal Crawford not too long ago, and the Clipperssixth man can now boast a respectable signature shoe at a reasonable price of $160 USD. RISE sat down with the brand’s founder and creative captain David Raysse for a quick interview that you can check out here to know more about the product debuting this week on the East Coast.