Jason Derulo Kicked Off Plane

Jason Derulo Kicked Off Plane

( 4UMF NEWS ) Jason Derulo Kicked Off Plane:

Jason Derulo and his crew were booted from a flight Saturday after he and his bodyguard got into it with an airport employee.

Derulo was traveling from Reno to L.A. when one of his bodyguards was denied preferred boarding. One eyewitness says he wanted TSA pre-check but for some reason didn't get it.

According to eyewitnesses, Derulo and his team got pissed and started shouting at an airport employee.

One eyewitness says an employee from the airline told Derulo and crew they would not be allowed to take the flight, but they went through security anyway.

Sources say Jason and crew boarded but soon thereafter airport cops came on board and removed them from the flight.
A rep for the singer says he requested an escort to get him and his crew through the airport faster because TSA pre-check was down but they were refused.

When they called "bullshit," the rep says airport staff refused to let Jason's crew get on the flight, but she says Jason was allowed on. It appears other members of his crew got on as well, and that's why airport cops came and escorted them all off.

Derulo and his posse took a private jet to make it to his show in LA and they're extremely upset with the way Southwest Airlines handled the situation.