Jennifer Love Hewitt Reveals Healthy Pregnancy Exercises


( 4UMF NEWS )Jennifer Love Hewitt Reveals Healthy Pregnancy Exercises:

ET caught up with Jennifer as she shot an ad for Palmer's cream for stretch marks -- a product she says worked miracles for her during her first pregnancy in 2013. The former "Criminal Minds" star and her husband, actor Brian Hallisay, welcomed daughter Autumn on Nov. 26, 2013.

"I think it's important to say that some skinny people who have never been pregnant also have stretch marks, so do not feel like it's just something that happens to pregnant people," she said.

Another method that's turned out well for Jennifer is her physical training.

"I've been working out five days a week," Jennifer said. "It's a combination of boxing, swimming -- really good for swelling."

While she's remained disciplined in her exercise regimen, her diet has been less restrained.

"The last four days I have been craving Ralph's chocolate birthday cake!" Jennifer said. "You have nine months to enjoy. Don't go crazy because it's really hard to come off afterwards, and it doesn't happen in two seconds like it looks like in Hollywood. I would say pace yourself but definitely enjoy, especially at the end. What's another five pounds when you have like a month to go? You're like, 'Whatever. It's a cake.'"