Jennifer Williams Sneak Diss Towards Basketball Wives

Jennifer Williams Sneak Diss Towards Basketball Wives

( 4UMF NEWS ) Jennifer Williams Sneak Diss Towards Basketball Wives:

Pop quiz hot shot: You are rumored to have been fired from a bottle-throwing, hair-pulling, drama-filled reality show and you want to gloat about its now declining ratings. What do you do? Well, if you were ever a fixture on VH1's Basketball Wives, you take to Twitter. Duh!

Former BBW stars Jennifer Williams and Royce Reed didn't gel with the show's mean girls, and they aren't a part of this new "healing" season. The ratings haven't been up to par, and many attribute the lack of viewership to fans not condoning the ladies' past behavior. Guess what? That's just fine for Jenn and Royce!

Jennifer recently made a bold statement, tweeting to followers, "Always know when to jump ship before it sinks…Good-night!" Hmmm….to what could she be referring?

Former co-star Royce chimed in, retweeting Jennifer's sentiments and adding, "U better preach! LOL Good morning love! XO C U soon!"

Taking it a step further, Royce then addressed rumors that she was let go from the show. When a fan asked both her and Jenn if she was fired from the show, Royce answered with a simple, "No."

Not one to be left out of the exchange, Shaunie O'Neal responded to a follower who told her she should consider bringing back Jennifer and Royce. Said follower also commented on Nostril's new hair.

Not able to rise above the fray, Shaunie quickly retorted, "Nahhh, we good." So glad to see she's committed to being the bigger person she promised to be this season.


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