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John Singleton Steps Down From Tupac Movie


John Singleton Steps Down From Tupac Movie

John Singleton Steps Down From Tupac Movie


( 4UMF NEWS ) John Singleton Steps Down From Tupac Movie:

Since rumors of a Tupac biopic were confirmed in fall of 2013, we have yet to see a trailer or even behind-the-scenes photos for it. The latest set back for the production comes with regards to the film’s director, John Singleton. In 2014, The Boyz N The Hood director received vocal support from the late rapper’s family. Today, we are surprised to find out that he is no longer directing the biopic. Late last week, Singleton sat down with XXL Magazine, hinted at some turmoil during the production process and stated that his involvement in the Tupac biopic was on hold for the time being. Earlier today, representatives for production company Morgan Creek, confirmed that Singleton stepped down as the film’s director. According to The Wrap, a source close to the project stated that “There are major creative differences” between Singleton and Morgan Creek. “Honestly, Morgan Creek can make a sub-par Tupac movie and move on. If John Singleton makes a bad Tupac movie? There’s no more Singleton.

Carl Franklin, who directed Out of Time and Devil In a Blue Dress, will be replacing Singleton. This change in the production team is a big deal for the biopic. John has experience with creating cult classics, and had a real relationship with Tupac, having directed the rap icon in the film Poetic Justice. This should be very interesting.


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