Josh Greenberg Dead


( 4UMF NEWS )Josh Greenberg Dead

Just three months after Grooveshark shut down amidst a series of copyright infringement lawsuits, co-founder Josh Greenberg has been found dead at his Gainesville, Florida, home. He was 28.

Greenberg's body was discovered in his bed Sunday night by his girlfriend, with whom he shared a house, reported

His mother, Lori Greenberg, told the local news site that she was informed by police there was no evidence of injuries or drugs, adding that her son had never been sick a day in his life. The medical examiner's autopsy found no explanation for a cause of death, but toxicology results will take two or three months. "They are as baffled as I am," Lori said.

The tech entrepreneur founded Grooveshark at the age of 19 along with Sam Tarantino at the University of Florida. At the company's peak, Grooveshark employed 145 people.

The controversial free streaming site, which once boasted 35 million users, shut down in April following a series of copyright infringement lawsuits by record companies for failing to receive permission for hosting music.

Greenberg's mother said he was more relieved than depressed following the company's closure, and was "excited about potential new things."

Josh Greenberg, co-founder of #Grooveshark was found dead in his Gainesville home Sunday evening. No evidence of foul play or suicide.