Justin Bieber And Cody Simpson – Home To Mama


Justin Bieber And Cody Simpson - Home To Mama

Justin Bieber And Cody Simpson - Home To Mama

( 4UMF NEWS ) Justin Bieber And Cody Simpson - Home To Mama:

Rejoice Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson fans! Remember about that upcoming acoustic duet album the two pop sensations announced this summer? Well, it seems the album will soon be released because the first single is here already! The song's called “Home to Mama”, it’s co-written by both the Canadian and the Australian singers, and it premiered in the afternoon of November 11th via the “fan” app Fahlo.

Check out “Home to Mama” below!! Don’t miss this heart-felt guitar-driven acoustic song. JB and CB deliver beautiful vocals throughout the whole of it.

Was the wait worth it? Do we really have to look forward to that duet album of theirs? I think so! “Home to Mama” brings immediate “Journals” memories. That acoustic sound is always nice to hear, and Justin and Cody put awesome vocals in display. “Girl, I'll take you home to mama, let you meet my friends”, sing the new dynamic pop duo in their first proper “single” collaboration - each of them sing half of the song. “Home to Mama” is a really tender song where JB and CB serenade a girl, a special that’s stolen their hearts away. Their feelings for her are so deep, they know that girl is the one and the one that should be introduced to mom.