Justin Bieber Crashes High School Prom

Justin Bieber Crashes High School Prom ( 4UMF NEWS ) Justin Bieber Crashes High School Prom: He's gone from egg-tosser to prom crasher. Justin Bieber showed up unannounced at a Southern California high school prom Saturday, sending scores of teen girls into a screaming frenzy. Vine videos posted by promgoers at Chatsworth Charter High School in Los Angeles showed the 21-year-old pop star wearing a black-brimmed hat and a big smile as he waded through throngs of shrieking girls. According to HollywoodLife.com, Beiber was headed to a recording studio near the school when he decided to make a cameo on the dance floor. The "Baby" singer thanked the school for having him in a tweet on Sunday. "@CCHSRoyals always wanted to go to prom. Thanks for having me. #promcrasher :)," he wrote. Source