Katt Williams A Suspect In New Battery Case

Katt Williams A Suspect In New Battery Case

( 4UMF NEWS ) Katt Williams A Suspect In New Battery Case:

Katt Williams is racking up alleged crimes coast to coast -- he was also involved in an L.A. altercation and he's considered a suspect.

Katt says he saw a car accident Tuesday outside his hotel and went down to the scene to help the victims. But while he was doing that, he says onlookers, who he described as "rappers," started making fun of his height.

Williams stands about 5'5" and he says the "rappers" were all six feet or taller. He says when he told them to shut up one of them hit him, so he struck back in self-defense.

He told a similar story about the two incidents in Georgia; the first with five women in Atlanta on Sunday, and then his arrest at a pool supply store on Monday. He's accused of punching in all three cases.

Law enforcement in L.A. confirm most of what Katt says happened on Tuesday, except for the "rappers" and who hit first.

Bottom line: Williams is now a suspect for misdemeanor battery.