Kevin Durant Apologizes To Grandma For Cursing

kevin-durant ( 4UMF NEWS ) Kevin Durant Apologizes To Grandma For Cursing: Kevin Durant continues to charm the socks off the NBA world. The Oklahoma City Thunder forward is the favorite for NBA MVP. He does things like drop 41 points on a helpless team like the Phoenix Suns. He wins gold medals and scoring titles and Western Conference championships. But he's a mama's boy, as we found out during the Western Conference finals. Heck, he's a grandma's boy. After the Thunder's 102-90 win Monday against the Suns, in which Durant scored 27 points in the second half, he received a text message from his grandmother. And as grandmothers are wont to do, the message was half-praise and half-scold. He posted the conversation on his Instagram account: Kevin Durant Apologizes To Grandma For Cursing "Thunder struck again& the Sun(s) went down ( great W)Love u g mom . Kev Kev stop cussing so much they be showing u when u do," his grandmother said in the message. "Haha sorry grandma I be so emotional, I love u," Durant replied. Grandmother knows best, Kevin. Don't make her wash your mouth out with soap. Source

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