updated 5:11 PM UTC, Jan 17, 2017

Kim Kardashian Robbery Costume Stirs Online Backlash


( 4UMF NEWS ) Kim Kardashian Robbery Costume Stirs Online Backlash:

Every year there’s one costume that really gets the public’s blood boiling, and this Halloween many are upset over a distasteful spoof on Kim Kardashian’s recent troubles.

A company called Costumeish is selling a costume called “The Parisian heist robbery victim” – poking fun at Kardashian’s recent terrifying run-in with thieves in France.

For $69 you get the wig, oversized sunglasses, a fake gag and rope for hand tying, plus a replica of the $4 million dollar ring the thieves made off with.

Social media agrees that while the Kardashians have been the subject of many spoofs in the past, this crosses the line.


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