Knicks Player Robbed By Two Groupies

Knicks Player Robbed By Two Groupies

( 4UMF NEWS ) Knicks Player Robbed By Two Groupies:

The New York Knicks' Derrick Williams has been in the league for five seasons now but the 24-year old still hasn't quite learned the risks of scooping up some strange at the club and bringing them back to your luxurious apartment.

According to the NY Post, D-Will was partying with friends on Friday night at Up & Down in the Meatpacking District, following the Knicks' 107-97 victory over the Sixers, when he linked up with a couple of groupies who he brought back to his Tribeca apartment.

The party carried on at his place and somewhere along the line, roughly $750,000 worth of jewelry was stolen from one of his closets and, naturally, he's blaming the two chicks that he left the club with.

And you thought you were having a rough Monday.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Williams said after the Knicks’ game at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night. “It’s still up in the air.”

Police are probing whether the Williams theft is part of a pattern of robberies committed by young women who prey upon wealthy, bling-flashing men at clubs and hotel bars, the sources said.

Williams didn't notice his Louis Vuitton case had been looted until about 4pm the next day and unfortunately for him, it's likely these two brazen crooks were using fake names so good luck finding them.