Lady Gaga And Taylor Kinney Petty Fight


( 4UMF NEWS )Lady Gaga And Taylor Kinney Petty Fight:

Back in February, Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney got engaged and announced it to the world in a way that didn't involve any vomit artists or clothing made out meat or Muppets.

Everything about the engagement - from the classic-style ring to the one-knee proposal - was far more traditional and, dare we say, boring than we would've expected from Gaga.

We're pretty sure the Mother Monster plans wears the pants (or at least the ass-less chaps) in her relationship, and she clearly decided to apply her new old-school-duets-with-Tony-Bennett-martinis-at-Musso-&-Frank's aesthetic to her husband's proposal, and that's fine.

What's weird is that she's reportedly extending that post World War II traditional flavor to her marriage by pressuring Taylor to knock her up immediately after they make it official.

You'd think that Taylor would be happy to put his career as Handsome Guy From That One Show behind him and get on to the business of being Gaga's professional sperm donor, but insiders say he ain't havin' it.

"Gaga and Taylor just got engaged, but they have been fighting like cats and dogs," a source tells Hollywood Life. "If anything, it seems like the engagement has made things more tense in their relationship.

"She has realized more and more she is ready to have kids and wants them to make time for that. But Taylor doesn’t think he or she are ready for kids yet. They are both still in the prime of their careers and have too much going on.

“Gaga is always working going one hundred miles an hour. He really doesn’t think Gaga is ready for the commitment to be a mom yet.”

We can understand both sides. Gaga turned 29 last month, and while has plenty of child-bearing years left in her, if she wants to crank out a sizable brood (as she's said in the past), she may want to get underway.

That said, in addition to her music, Gaga was just cast on American Horror Story: Hotel, so Taylor does have a point when he says she might be too busy for motherhood at the moment.

But at the end of the day, Gaga didn't buy her own engagement ring so that she could marry some dude who's gonna hem and haw when it comes to doing his husbandly duty.