Lil B – Soul Food


Lil B  - Soul Food

Lil B - Soul Food


( 4UMF NEWS ) Lil B - Soul Food:

Lil B seems to be on everybody's minds these days. Whether he's casting a curse on yet another NBA player—we're still wondering if James Harden is down for the count—or lecturing at yet another prestigious university, the guy has been making waves for everything but his music. Reminding everyone how he made his way into the mainstream conscious, The Based God just let loose a new video single in the form of "Soul Food." The video features many of the things that made Lil B such an oddly prolific artist in the first place: a decidedly low-budget polish, his no-holds barred approach to delivery, and more. "Yeah, this is Lil B," he raps on the chorus. And in that way, this might just be the best late introduction to Lil B all the newcomers need.