Lil Scrappy Leaves Rehab

Lil Scrappy Leaves Rehab

( 4UMF NEWS ) Lil Scrappy Leaves Rehab:

Rapper Lil Scrappy has kicked his addiction to marijuana after a successful stint in a rehabilitation facility.

The hip-hop star, real name Darryl Kevin Richardson Ii, voluntarily checked into a treatment centre in Atlanta, Georgia, in May (13) to seek professional help for his habit after allegedly failing a court-ordered drug test.

On Saturday (29Jun13), he was released from rehab and his attorney Mawuli Mel Davis insists Lil Scrappy has changed his ways.

Davis tells his client will even begin mentoring teens in the coming weeks, adding, "Scrappy has had time to reflect, read, and write. He is now drug and alcohol free."


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