Lil Wayne Hits Drake

Lil Wayne Hits Drake

( 4UMF NEWS ) Lil Wayne Hits Drake:

There Have Been ALL KINDS OF RUMORS AND REPORTS about the beef that's going on between Young Money Founder Lil Wayne and his top artist - rapper DRAKE. Well just got a VERY CREDIBLE REPORT from a Young Money insider who tells us that Drake and Wayne got into a PHYSICAL ALTERCATION two weeks ago - in Miami. And according to our snitch it was Wayne who PUT HANDS on Drake.

The insider told MediaTakeOut ( AKA It could be a lie!), "[Lil Wayne] f*cked up Drake. It wasn't a real fight, more like headlocks and wrestling. But [Lil Wayne] slammed Drake and he won." The insider who asked NOT to be named claims that the altercation took place in a SUITE at Miami's Perry hotel.

So what happened? It was NOT CLEAR to our insider, who works as a SECURITY PROFESSIONAL.

But there have been rumors that Drake is NOT HAPPY with the financial arrangement at YMCMB. And there was also a rumor that Drake was getting a little TOO FRIENDLY with Lil Wayne's fiance.

Developing . . .


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