Lottery Worker Busted IN $14.3M Lottery Scam


Lottery Worker Busted IN $14.3M Lottery Scam

Lottery Worker Busted IN $14.3M Lottery Scam


( 4UMF NEWS ) Lottery Worker Busted IN $14.3M Lottery Scam:

Iowa lottery officials are really hoping for a change of luck.

As a former information security director prepares to stand trial for allegedly rigging a $14.3 million win for himself, officials announced Monday they’re revamping the system’s security to make sure no one else ever rigs the game.

“I have confidence that the games we offer today are fair,” Iowa Lottery CEO Terry Rich said in a statement. “Our lottery has strong layers of security in place to protect lottery players, lottery games and lottery prizes.”

That apparently was not the case in December 2010, when Eddie Raymond Tipton, who was information security director of the Multi-State Lottery Association, allegedly got way too lucky with a winning Hot Lotto ticket. Authorities believe Tiptop used a USB flash drive to install a self-deleting computer program to give him the numbers he needed to win big. Tipton was “obsessed” with these kinds of programs, known as root kits, co-workers told prosecutors.

Tipton, now 51, waited more than a year before attempting to anonymously claim the ticket, the Lottery Post reported. His luck ran out when another lottery employee recognized Tiptop making his prohibited purchase in a security video from a QuikTrip gas station in Des Moines.

Tipton was not allowed to claim a winning ticket or even play the game because of his job at the time, the Des Moines Register reported.

Tipton’s trial for two counts of fraud was supposed to begin Monday, but got pushed off until July when his defense asked for more time.

In the wake of Tipton’s wrongful win, Iowa’s lottery officials now say they’ve spaced out security responsibilities among more employees and replaced internal cameras, which Tipton allegedly tampered with while staging his big win.