Lupe Fiasco Writes Open Letter To White Supremacy


Lupe Fiasco Writes Open Letter To White Supremacy

Lupe Fiasco Writes Open Letter To White Supremacy


( 4UMF NEWS ) Lupe Fiasco Writes Open Letter To White Supremacy:

“First of all you are not really that supreme.”

In what was likely a response to the twisted alleged manifesto by Dylann Roof that surfaced online yesterday (Jun. 20), Lupe Fiasco took to Instagram to pen an open letter to the idea of white supremacy and to its proponents. Discussing the interactive nature of human society, the Chicago native dispelled the relevance of the hateful idea that whites are somehow superior to other races. Utilizing images of Roof in his three-part essay, Lupe offered a poignant rebuttal to the Charleston killer’s claims.

“There is nothing about you biologically or physically that denotes an innate mode of supremacy,” he wrote in his first lengthy caption. “For that matter there is also nothing about you psychologically, philosophically, cognitively, academically, socially, architecturally, culturally or even financially that signifies a higher position above any other group. And to be diplomatic there is nothing about you that denotes innate inferiority as well. So what you really are is something in the middle. You are regular.”

Referencing the overall “regularness” of different racial groups, Lupe noted that even great contributions to society – such as Steve Jobs’ Apple company – were collaborative efforts by people from different ethnicities. He also exposed the idea of white supremacy as a ruse that certain whites use to scale the ladders of success by convincing others of its existence, in turn making white supremacy itself dependent upon other groups of people.

“And if you wanted to get really ironic and meta about it, White Supremacy has to validate it’s own identity based solely on its relationship to other races,” he wrote. “I mean now that’s what I would call joined at the hip. Without us there is no white supremacy because there would be nothing to be supreme over! That sounds so stupid but sometimes the truth is stupid. Stupid like a fox. And no not stupid like a Fox News I mean the real fox.”