Man Arrested For 12th DUI After Dropping Child At School

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( 4UMF NEWS ) Man Arrested For 12th DUI After Dropping Child At School:

A Nashville man who had been arrested at least 11 times on DUI charges was hit with a 12th Tuesday morning after he dropped a child off at school.

Anthony Paul McGowan, 58, was arrested on charges of DUI and being a habitual motor vehicle offender, according to an arrest affidavit. A Metro officer noticed his license plate had expired last year and pulled him over in the 1400 block of Dickerson Road.

The officer wrote that McGowan slurred, smelled like alcohol and fumbled to find his documentation.

The affidavit said McGowan admitted he had had “several drinks” that morning and had just dropped off a child at the Baxter Alternative Learning Center, a school for troubled students.

The officer noted in the affidavit that McGowan had been convicted at least eight times for DUI going back to 1989. He also wrote that McGowan was arrested an additional three times, but the outcome of those cases wasn’t available. In addition, McGowan has been declared a habitual motor vehicle offender at least five prior times.


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