Man Busted Stealing Panties From Sorority House

Man Busted Stealing Panties From Sorority House

( 4UMF NEWS ) Man Busted Stealing Panties From Sorority House:

An Oklahoma man armed with a porno mag sneaked into a sorority house and put on a pair of panties before he was caught early Sunday, police said.

A member of University of Central Oklahoma’s Alpha Delta Pi sorority awoke around 2 a.m. to find Randell Ashton, 41, sitting on her bed, according to the Edmond Police Department.

“You are not Brittany,” Ashton said, standing up and pulling up his pants to leave the room, the witness later told police.

The terrified co-eds dialed 911 and cops caught the suspect before he could get away from the E. Ayers St. house. None of the co-eds were hurt and none of them told police they felt assaulted by the man’s creepy entrance to their home, cops said.

Investigators later discovered he was wearing panties he admitted to taking from the sorority house and that he had pulled down his pants in a grocery store earlier in the night, Edmond police spokeswoman Jenny Wagnon told The Edmond Sun.

“We looked at the video and it’s clearly Ashton who was exposing himself in the aisles of the grocery store before making his way to the house,” Wagnon said.

Ashton was standing outside on the house’s balcony when an officer arrived, and he claimed he was there to see a 21-year-old woman named Bethany, police said. Members of the sorority told cops no one named Bethany lived at the sorority house, where seven members were at home early Sunday.

Police said they found the window of the victim’s bedroom open and a pornographic magazine on the balcony that matched two others they found in Ashton’s car.

They also noted a pile of laundry had been moved from a chair to the couch on the second floor, where the victim said she had left her clean clothes before falling asleep for the night. She told police the panties Ashton was caught wearing at the jail were hers.

Ashton didn’t cooperate with the investigation, according to police, other than to say that he took the underwear because he needed clothes.

He had fled the Crest grocery store when officers arrived, roughly three hours before the sorority members called police, Wagnon told the Daily News. Ashton is charged with first-degree burglary and indecent exposure, and his bail is $20,000.