Man Finds Fly In KFC Chicken

Man Finds Fly In KFC Chicken
( 4UMF NEWS ) Man Finds Fly In KFC Chicken:

A Queensland man says he won’t be returning to KFC any time soon after finding a dead fly in a chicken wing.

Ken Cavanagh bought more than $40 worth of KFC for dinner last Wednesday night from KFC in Pialba, a suburb in Hervey Bay, the Fraser Coast Chronicle reports.

The next day he noticed a mark on a chicken wing as he was picking at leftovers.

Thinking it was just burned, he peeled open the chicken and found a dead fly stuck inside.

Mr Cavanagh said he was not impressed after the KFC store manager offered to replace the chicken after he complained.

"I’ve just found a fly in my chicken – I don’t think I’ll feel like KFC for a long time," he told the newspaper.

Mr Cavanagh was later offered a full refund.

A KFC spokesman said the company followed strict food safety and handling procedures in all its restaurants.

Mr Cavanagh's experience was an irregular occurrence, he told the Fraser Coast Chronicle.


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