Man Hides Gun In Anus

Man Hides Gun In Anus

( 4UMF NEWS ) Man Hides Gun In Anus:

The stolen pistol a New Jersey man allegedly had lodged in his anal cavity allowed cops to lodge more charges against him.

Bridgeton police arrested Darquan R. Lee, 21, on a contempt of court warrant Friday afternoon, officials at the southern New Jersey town’s police department said in a release.

But cops suspected Lee may have been hiding something else when he first asked to use the restroom but then said he’d rather not go to the bathroom after all when they mentioned they would search him and inspect the washroom before and after.

Prison guards at the Cumberland County Jail later strip searched Lee after hearing the story, and they found an automatic .25-caliber handgun shoved between his buttocks and up his anus, according to cops.

The gun was fully loaded and investigators discovered it had been reported stolen in Alabama, police said.

Law enforcement officials then slapped Lee with additional charges, including unlawful possession of weapon and receiving stolen property, on top of the original contempt rap, according to police.

Lee has an extensive criminal record and was accused of armed robbery in 2013, reported. He’s incarcerated without possible bail, cops said.