Man Kills Family Of Eight

Man Kills Family Of Eight

( 4UMF NEWS ) Man Kills Family Of Eight:

A man with a history of domestic violence climbed through an open window of his former Houston, Texas, home and shot an entire family of eight people including six children in the head, authorities said.

Each of the victims was handcuffed before they died, Harris County Assistant District Attorney Celeste Byrom revealed at a Sunday court hearing for homicide suspect David Ray Conley.

"We do not — cannot — fully comprehend the motivation of an individual that would take the lives of so many innocent people. Especially the lives of the youngest," Harris County Chief Deputy Tim Cannon said Sunday.

The slain adults were identified as Valerie Jackson, 40, and her husband, Dwayne Jackson, 50. The children are Nathaniel Conley, 13, Honesty Jackson, 11, Dwayne Jackson Jr., 10, Caleb Jackson, 9, Trinity Jackson, 7, and the youngest being Jonah Jackson, 6.

Court records reveal a tumultuous past between Conley and Jackson that eventually ended with Jackson changing the locks on the family’s Houston home when Conley moved out.

Authorities believe Conley targeted the children’s mother over their snuffed relationship.

Conley surrendered to authorities late Saturday after exchanging a flurry of gunfire with deputies who discovered the mass-killing at the home in the 2200 block of Falling Oaks Road.

A deputy called for backup during a 9 p.m. welfare check after peering through a window only to see a child’s body on the floor.

Conley is being held at a Harris County jail on multiple capital murder charges—the latest arrest mark on his criminal arrest sheet dating back to 1988.

His record includes arrests on charges of car theft, driving while under the influence of alcohol, robbery threats, trespassing, cocaine possession and retaliation.

Among those records are a scattering of domestic assaults that began in 2000 when Conley threatened to kill his then-girlfriend and her child by wrapping an electrical cord around the baby’s neck. He was sentenced to five years in prison.

Years later, Conley was sentenced to nine months in prison for an April 2013 assault against a family member only to earn the title of “best father in the whole world” on Jackson’s Facebook page that same year.

“My baby, my best friend, my forever,” Jackson wrote of her would-be alleged killer. “You have always have put me and our kids ahead of yourself And always take care of home! We love you David Ray Conley III!”

Jackson spoke fondly of Conley and appeared to be hopeful of their relationship in 2014.

“Thank goodness I’m married to (MacGyver) lol. I think he found the culprit of my washer troubles,” Jackson wrote. She tagged Conley on the post.

Their relationship soured most recently when Conley was arrested on July 8, 2015 for another alleged assault.

He bashed Jackson’s head into a refrigerator as she tried to wrestle a belt away from Conley, the Houston Chronicle reported citing court documents.

He intended to beat one of her children with it as punishment, authorities believe.

Saturday’s melee left neighbors frightened at the sound of gunshots and then the sight of armed law enforcement officials going door-to-door.

"Cops were walking around with their handguns out, telling people to remain in their houses. They were also telling them to evacuate. It was extremely scary," Alan Cartagena, 19, said.