updated 5:11 PM UTC, Jan 17, 2017

Man Loses $15B In One Hour


Man Loses $15B In One Hour

Man Loses $15B In One Hour


( 4UMF NEWS ) Man Loses $15B In One Hour:

One man is learning that the saying “appreciate everything you have, because you can lose it all any second” is very real

According to CNN Money, Li Hejun, who is considered to be the richest man in China, lost $15 billion when his company Hanergy crashed 47 percent in Hong Kong trading. Hanergy specializes in technology to create thinner and more flexible solar panels.

Hehun owns over 80 percent of Hanergy and failed to show up for the company’s Wednesday meeting. Hangery has halted any further information on the shares, but before Wednesday’s plunge, Hanergy’s shares had shot up 625 percent over the year. In April, the company was worth 45 billion, making Hejun the richest man in China. For some time, investors, regulators and analysts had questioned the company’s rise, but Hanergy has 15,000 employees and branches all over the world.


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