Man Rescued From Sea After 66 Days


Man Rescued From Sea After 66 Days

Man Rescued From Sea After 66 Days


( 4UMF NEWS ) Man Rescued From Sea After 66 Days:

An inexperienced sailor reported missing more than two months ago said he survived adrift off the Carolina coast on rainwater and raw fish caught with a hand net.

Louis Jordan, 37, was plucked from the hull of his capsized 35-foot sailboat by a passing German container ship Thursday and then taken by U.S. Coast Guard helicopter to a Norfolk, Va. hospital.

Despite spending 66 days at sea after leaving Conway, S.C. on a fishing trip Jan. 23 aboard the “Angel,” a bearded and slim Jordan – who suffered a shoulder injury during his ordeal – appeared none the worse for wear.

“I couldn’t fix it,” Jordan told his father, Frank Jordan, in a phone conversation the Coast Guard released to WAVY. “I couldn’t sail back with my boat. I’m so sorry. It’s such a big loss.”

But Jordan’s dad, who reported his son missing Jan. 29 and feared he’d been lost at sea, was simply happy to hear his voice.

“We prayed and we prayed, and we hoped that you were still alive,” Frank Jordan told his son. “So, that’s all that matters. That’s the only thing that matters.”

Jordan had spent months sanding and painting his docked 1950s-era, single-masted sailboat in Conway, where marina manager Jeff Weeks said he saw him nearly every day. Jordan was the only resident in a section of about 20 boats docked behind a coded security gate, Weeks said.

"You'll probably never meet a nicer guy," Weeks said. "He is a quiet gentleman that most of the time keeps to himself. He's polite. I would describe him as a gentle giant.”

Jordan appeared to be knowledgeable about wild fruits and mushrooms and fished for his meal in inland waterways, Weeks said. But his January trip may have been his first time sailing in the open ocean.

"He might sail up and down the Intercoastal Waterway, but he didn't have the experience he needed to go out into the ocean," Weeks said.

But in January, Jordan sailed away and didn’t return.

At some point during Jordan’s ocean voyage, his boat flipped, lost its mast and water destroyed all the electronics aboard, making communication impossible, Chief Petty Officer Ryan Doss said