Man Shoots Himself To See What It’d Feel Like


( 4UMF NEWS ) Man Shoots Himself To See What It'd Feel Like:

A curious Coloradan shot himself in the foot because he wanted to know "what it felt like," according to police.

Colorado Springs Police said an officer was dispatched to a local hospital on Wednesday to investigate a reported accidental gunshot wound.

The suspect — 34-year-old Adam Hirtle — explained to the officer that he had been in his garage when curiosity struck.

"He wanted to know what it felt like to be shot," police said in a statement, adding that Hirtle stated he "took his boot off and shot it, then placed his boot back on his foot and then intentionally shot himself in the foot."

Police said Hirtle — whose injuries were not life threatening — has been charged with prohibited use of weapons and reckless endangerment.