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Maya Rudolph’s Rachel Dolezal Impersonation


Maya Rudolph's Rachel Dolezal Impersonation

Maya Rudolph’s Rachel Dolezal Impersonation


( 4UMF NEWS ) Maya Rudolph’s Rachel Dolezal Impersonation:

Finally, the Rachel Dolezal impression we’ve all been waiting for is here.

Actress and former SNL star Maya Rudolph appeared on Monday’s Late Nigh with Seth Myers to give her comedic take on the “transracial” Dolezal fiasco.

The actress, who left the SNL lineup in 2007, has been bombarded with fan requests since the Dolezal story nearly broke the Internet this month.

“It happens to me everyday. People are like ‘It’s too bad you haven’t been on SNL since 2007. You have to play this lady!’ and I gotta say the whole thing is very fascinating to me,” Rudolph says.

While many comedians, including Dave Chapelle, have shied away from satirizing Dolezal’s “transracial” identity, Rudolph let her have it. Both her and host Seth Meyers basically performed an #AskRachel skit — with wig and racial confusion included.


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