Meek Mill Sued


( 4UMF NEWS ) Meek Mill Sued:

Remember that epic party rapper Meek Mill threw at a rented mansion during Grammy weekend? Well, a good time was had by all except the landlord.

When he signed the one-week lease for the Beverly Hills mansion, he was told he couldn't throw any parties there. In fact, the landlord said the lease limited him to having no more than six people on the premise.

Over 1,000 showed up to party. When the dust settled, the crowd left behind broken furniture, broken glass, destroyed landscaping and even a broken trampoline.

The bash in the famous glass mansion ended when a fight broke out and all the guests poured into the street. It took cops hours to clear the neighborhood but no one was arrested.

Now the landlord is looking to be made whole and is suing Meek for breaking the lease, for damages, and for roughly 994 people trespassing.

I'm sure it was worth it though...