Memphis Boy Flashes Gun, Drugs On Social Media

Memphis Boy Flashes Gun, Drugs On Social Media

( 4UMF NEWS ) Memphis Boy Flashes Gun, Drugs On Social Media:

He’s a gun-flashing problem child. A Memphis boy’s alarming social media posts show him smoking marijuana and pointing pistols at the camera to the horror and delight of thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram.

The tiny aspiring gangster also raps about shooting up rivals with a “semi” and appears in some posts with apparently unconcerned adults.

“Fifty shot, thirty shot, hit you with it,” he brags in a pre-pubescent sneer. “F--k yo Glock. I bet I make your heart stop.”

A Memphis television news station talked to the kid’s cousin, who identified him as 13-year-old Jonathan. He has an older sister jailed on charges that include aggravated burglary and aggravated kidnapping, Fox 13 reported.

The defiant youngster lashed out at one of the station’s reporters when she posted a couple of his troubling pictures online.

“DONT YOU GOT SOMETHING BETTER TO DO MAM,” Jonathan asked Fox 13 reporter Sarah Bleau via Twitter.

When she asked why he uploads pics with guns, he referenced a young bad boy rapper from Chicago.

“chief keef got famous from that right???” he wrote.

The relative told Fox 13 the family was upset about the posts. The Twitter account the boy used to correspond with the reporter was later deleted. His Instagram page was active but with restricted access.

He still had 11,700 followers.