Michael Ealy Joins Cast Of Secret Of Lies


( 4UMF NEWS )Michael Ealy Joins Cast Of Secret Of Lies:

Out with the hot, and in with the even hotter!

Secrets and Lies has just tapped a super attractive actor to replace the super attractive actor that starred in season one, and we are not complaining!

E! News has learned that Michael Ealy will take over the lead role on ABC's anthology series. He will star oppositeJuliette Lewis for the new season surrounding an all-new crime.

Lewis is the only cast member returning to Secrets and Lies from season one. In season two, Detective Andrea Cornell (Lewis) will take on a brand new case, involving Eric Warner (Ealy).

When season two picks up, Eric is at the top of his game. He's smart, well-educated and hard working and the heir apparent to his family's private equity firm in Charlotte, NC. Newly married to "the one" and walking on air, he's attending a party to honor dad passing over the reins when suddenly tragedy strikes: his wife Kate is murdered, and life, as he knows it, is over. Detective Cornell will take over the investigation into Eric's wife's murder.

Ealy, fresh off a villainous turn on The Following, will star on Secrets and Lies for only one season, just as Ryan Phillippe did for season one. He previously starred in Almost Human and Sleeper Cell, and can be seen on the big screen in the upcoming thriller The Perfect Guy, which opens in September.