Mom Abandons 4-Year-Old With Food And Instructions


( 4UMF NEWS ) Mom Abandons 4-Year-Old With Food And Instructions:

A California mom abandoned her 4-year-old daughter at home for at least seven hours while she went out with friends, authorities said.

Bing Chen, 28, later told police the girl was fine because she’d left food and instructions telling her when to eat and go to bed, cops said.

Neighbors told investigators they’d heard a child crying since about 3 p.m. on Monday and finally called the manager of the Rancho Cucamonga apartment complex about 8:25 p.m.

A San Bernardino Sheriff’s deputy responded and found the girl alone. The child’s father was in Taiwan on business and told investigators the mother was supposed to be watching the toddler, cops said.

The mom finally returned about 10:30 p.m. Speaking through an interpreter, she told the deputy she’d gone to San Diego with her friends.

She was charged with willful cruelty to a child. The girl was taken by Child Protective Services.