Mother Admits To Killing One-Year-Old


( 4UMF NEWS) Mother Admits To Killing One-Year-Old:

A young mother admitted to police she stabbed her infant son to death in a California park.

Ashley Newton, 23, of San Jose, told East Bay Regional Park District Police she stabbed her seven-month-old son to death Saturday morning in a remote part of Del Valle Regional Park, spokesperson Tyrone Davis told MailOnline.

She did not provide an explanation as to why she committed the horrific killing, and investigators have debunked earlier reports she was suicidal, according to Davis.

'We have nothing to prove she is suicidal at all,' he said. '[But] she did accept ownership for her actions.'

Police are working to determine if she is depressed, but have not found any evidence she has been diagnosed with clinical depression.

'At the end of the day, no mother would normally want to hurt their child.,' Davis lamented.
Little else is known about Newton.

Authorities do not believe she has been living in the Bay Area for very long, and have been questioning family in North Carolina to try to piece together the series of events that led to her child's murder, Davis explained.

Cops have spoken with the baby's father and were able to determine he was not in a relationship with the mother but did talk to her as recently as Friday, according to Davis.

They appear to have an amicable relationship, Davis said. There is no evidence to suggest the father had anything to do with the killing, or that the lack of relationship led Newton to Saturday's stabbing.

Police have yet to search the vehicle but expect to wrap that part of the investigation up by Sunday night, Davis said.

Newton was jailed Saturday by East Bay Regional Park District Police and has been charged with murder.

Cops stumbled across her carrying the butchered seven-month-old baby around the park roughly 45 miles east of San Francisco at 12.30 p.m., according to the San Jose Mercury News.

Police were initially called around 10.30 a.m. after a motorist called about a crash at the end of a road in the park about 10 miles south of Livermore, a police spokesperson said during an afternoon briefing with local media.

Officers found an abandoned car with significant damage on both the front and back ends, cops said.

They initially thought it was a hit and run but pressed on with an investigation upon discovering a baby seat in the back, said police.

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