Mother Leaves Kid Alone During Memorial Day Weekend


Mother Leaves Kid Alone During Memorial Day Weekend

Mother Leaves Kid Alone During Memorial Day Weekend


( 4UMF NEWS ) Mother Leaves Kid Alone During Memorial Day Weekend:

Folks love to go hard Memorial Day weekend and we fully understand the freeing excitement of three days off from work. But when you leave your 8-year-old child alone during that time for the sake of the turn up, you have a problem.

That’s the allegation being waged against 27-year-old Kionna Monet who was arrested and charged with child neglect and child endangerment this Saturday in Suffolk, VA. Monet allegedly went out of state for the holiday weekend and left her 8-year-old son at home alone with a course of pre-made corn beef hash and pizza, instructing him to keep her travel a secret and call her to check in every hour on a cell phone. The young mother’s plan went awry when a neighbor saw the boy playing outside with her son and became suspicious.

“I looked over at him and said, ‘Hey, is your mom home? I need to talk to her.’ He got very hesitant and I said again, ‘I need to talk to your mother. Is she home?’ He hesitated again and he said ‘no.’”

According to the woman, who spoke to on condition of anonymity, it was at this point that the child told her his mom wouldn’t be back in Suffolk until Monday.

“I said, ‘Monday?’ and I said, ‘Who is staying with you?’ He said, ‘Nobody, I’m home alone.’ And then I said, ‘You’re home by yourself?’ He said, ‘Yes, my mom said I was old enough because I took Taekwondo.’”

At that time, which was about 5 pm Saturday, the neighbor called the police who were reportedly at Monet’s home for more than six hours that evening once they arrived.

“He said his mother had told him that she would spank him until he could not sit down if he told anybody,” the neighbor said. “How many times have I looked and seen no vehicle in the driveway, and now I wonder if he was inside by himself. It is very frightening.”

Monet bonded out of jail on Sunday but her son remains in the custody of Child Protective Services. So far there’s no word on what the next steps will be on either side. What do you think should happen?