Murder Suspect Uses Heroin As Alibi

Murder Suspect Uses Heroin As Alibi

( 4UMF NEWS ) Murder Suspect Uses Heroin As Alibi:

That’s a pretty good alibi.

A New Jersey man took the stand Tuesday to tell a jury that he couldn’t be guilty of the murder he’s accused of — because he was busy doing heroin.

Alan Bienkowski, 58, is accused of the 2013 murder of 76-year-old Anthony Verdicchio. Bienkowski is accused of robbing Verdicchio and beating him 14 to 16 times in the head with a hammer, according to New Jersey Advance Media.

The Manchester man said it couldn’t have been him, though, because he spent the day snorting heroin, walking a dog and getting more heroin.

Experts offered conflicting testimony about whether the blood stains on Bienkowski’s shoes were evidence that he’d done the deed.

When he took the stand, Bienkowski told the jury about his background.

A high school dropout, Bienkowski went on to become a supervisor at Arm and Hammer before getting laid off in 2009. He then went into the vending machine business and earned cash on the side by selling scrap metal and playing the lotto.

"I've always been a hustler as far as getting money," he said.

Then, when he lost another job in 2013, he fell to pieces and started using heroin. By the time of Verdicchio’s death in May 2013, Bienkowski was regularly driving to Newark to get the goods to feed his dope habit of 10 to 15 bags a day.

On May 12, the day Verdicchio was last seen living, Bienkowski said he got up at 5:30 a.m., snorted some smack, checked on a vending machine, walked a dog and then went to get more heroin. Prior to the day of the alleged murder, Bienkowski twice tried to kill himself.

"I'm surprised I'm still living," he said.