Mysterious Ships Containing Bodies Found In Japan

Mysterious Ships Containing Bodies Found In Japan

( 4UMF NEWS ) Mysterious Ships Containing Bodies Found In Japan:

Several ships containing the corpses of sailors have been discovered on the shores of Japan, CNN reports.

In recent weeks, 20 dead bodies have been found on at least eight wooden boats around the Sea of Japan, the coast guard of Japan told the news outlet.

The bodies were decomposed and “partially skeletonized,” the coast guard said. Apparently two bodies were found headless and one of the boats even carried the skulls of six sailors.

It is unclear where these boats — which reportedly started to show up in October — came from, but the Japanese coast guard believes they hail from North Korea. One of three boats found in Wajima on Nov. 20 reportedly carried 10 decomposing bodies and bore on the boat’s hull Korean lettering that stated “Korean People’s Army,” the coast guard said.

Japanese news outlet NHK reports that a piece of cloth appearing to be part of the North Korean flag was found on one of the mysterious boats. Experts told CNN the boats are likely from North Korea.

“There’s no doubt that these boats are North Korean,” John Nilsson-Wright, head of the Chatham House policy institute’s Asia program, told CNN.

Upon seeing pictures of the boats, he said its lettering — appearing to either be Korean or Hangul — and the “primitive” nature of the boats were enough to make a good assumption that the boats are probably from North Korea.

An expert told NHK that the boats are similar to ones used by North Korean defectors.

“(The boats) are made of wood and are old and heavy. They can’t travel very fast and the engines are not powerful enough to turn the ships against the currents,” maritime expert Yoshihiko Yamada told NHK.

As of now, there is only speculation as to how long the ships were traveling and what caused them to rear off course. One theory says they could have been fishing boats gone astray while others speculate they may have been used by people trying to escape the North Korean regime, led by ruler Kim Jong-un.