Naked Man Breaks Into House To Steal Purse

Naked Man Breaks Into House To Steal Purse

( 4UMF NEWS ) Naked Man Breaks Into House To Steal Purse:

California police arrested a nude man in freezing 37-degree temperatures after he broke into a home and tried to steal a purse. Adam Pettibone was caught stark naked by a shocked couple inside their home in Auburn during the attempted burglary.

Police have said they have no idea why the 28-year-old was nude at the time of the incident Friday night, reported

"The proper way to dress typically would be long pants, a long jacket, some type of hat, maybe some gloves at that time of night - obviously not nude," Auburn police Sgt. Tucker Huey said.

The man who owned the home described the incident as “unsettling.”

"I just don't know if it was an attempted robbery, or if it was attempted rape, or if he was targeting this place," he added.

After he chased Pettibone from his property, the suspect then got into an SUV and drove directly at the man, who jumped out of the way. He was hit by the vehicle and was treated for swollen and bruised hands at an nearby facility. The SUV was found abandoned near the scene and police arrested Pettibone a short time later.

Pettibone was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon and burglary. He was taken to the Placer County Jail in lieu of $250,000 bail.