NBA 2K14 Next-Gen OMG – Trailer


( 4UMF NEWS ) NBA 2K14 Next-Gen OMG - Trailer:

Considering not merely the impending start of the NBA season, but the release of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, the 2K franchise is preparing to release the latest installment of its basketball game: NBA 2K14. With the video game market being nearly as competitive as the real-life sports that they imitate, the 2K series has been actively working to improve itself with every iteration. 2K14 looks as realistic as it’ll get in the new trailer above, rendering staggeringly precise renditions of our favorite characters. James Harden’s beard full of tactical wisdom, heart-tugging ‘Hail Mary’ shots from KD, and gratuitous shots of LeBron’s high-handed solo dunks are all featured in this preview, all set to a familiar, yet perfectly selected song. Enjoy the video above, and look for 2K14 on shelves now. For next-gen consoles: Playstation 4 owners will see the game on November 15, while Xbox One users will see the game on November 22.


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