Ne-Yo Married

Ne-Yo Married
( 4UMF NEWS ) Ne-Y0 Married:

Here's something you never knew -- Ne-Yo was MARRIED!!!

Ne-Yo was leaving Supperclub in L.A. this week when we randomly asked if he'd ever gotten hitched.

Ne-Yo told us he actually WAS married 11 years ago when he was 19 -- but he and his wife were only together a few months before they got an annulment.

He said, "Nobody really knows that. Nobody ever really asked."

You gotta see the video ... Ne-Yo mocks his ex, explaining she never thought he'd make it in music.


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7 comments for “Ne-Yo Married

William D. Thompson

Posted on

Congrats to them both (RED)

Sandre Boneyaad Ennis

Posted on

thats good…congrats….black


Posted on

good for her


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But this news was told last year. I thought?

Jakk Doe

Posted on

Ha she thought he was not going to ever be anything.

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