Nike Air Flare ( Agassi Retro’s)


( 4UMF NEWS) Nike Air Flare ( Agassi Retro's) :

The Agassi Retro game is showing no holes as we get a look at a brand new colorway for the oft-forgotten Air Flare tennis shoe from the mid-90s. This tennis sneaker, which was most famous for its irreverent reverse Swoosh on the upper, wasn’t exactly part of the Agassi signature line, but we regard it as such considering Andre wore these regularly during the sneaker’s original debut release. We will get our hands on the Air Flair in its OG form (the backwards Swoosh) in this new black/light retro/persian violet colorway that is a clear indication of Nike’s tendencies two decades ago. Get a full look below and stay tuned to Sneaker News for release details.