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Recently I saw somebody say gun advocates have obsessive paranoia fear because they want weapons to protect their country and communities. We know that criminals will commit violent acts with weapons and we know that people need weapons to defend themselves against those attacks.

There have been many examples of criminals who use weapons- knives, cars, guns, bombs -to commit violent crimes in places where they know their victims are the most vulnerable. We see over and over that the criminals are successful in these crimes because nobody has been able to protect themselves.

We are fortunate to live in a country that gives us rights and we are fortunate that so many people will do everything necessary to protect those rights. We have a right to bear arms, and in most countries, the people can only dream of getting rights like we have. Even countries as close as Mexico do not have these rights and they pay a huge price every day.

What I didn’t understand is how after a shooting that occurred involving a criminal who used stolen guns, in a place where guns are banned, in a state with some of the toughest guns laws, people still think the answer is less guns and more gun free zones. I didn’t understand why after a few publicized shootings like this recently, all in gun free zones where nobody had guns, that people still insist that the answer is tougher guns laws. Criminal use high capacity magazines and semi-automatic weapons, so how is taking away the right for law abiding citizens to get those same kind of weapons going to help us? Then I understood when I saw that comment:





I grew up using guns and in a place where a violent crime could happen at anytime. I grew up seeing shootings in gun free zones. I have been a victim of violent crime and the only way I could’ve defended myself against multiple attackers is with a gun.
This is not paranoia. This is reality. Nothing proves this reality more than the recent shootings in gun free zones where the most vulnerable people, who choose not to exercise their valuable rights, became victims of dangerous criminals. It is not paranoia that we live on an open border with a country that has some of the most violent drug cartels who are trying to come into our country. It is not paranoia that we have been attacked by organized terrorists groups and lone wolf terrorists. It is a reality that we live in a free country and with that comes responsibility and sacrifice.

In reality, it’s completely the opposite. When a handful of criminals in a country of 300 million people decide to attack people who have no way of defending themselves in gun free zones, it’s "PAAARANOIA! OBSESSIVE FEAR!" to want to take away the right of people with guns to protect our country and communities against those violent criminals and terrorists. There wasn’t anybody in these gun free zones who were exercising their right to protect themself. In fact, those rights were taking away from them by the same people who now want to make more anti-gun laws. It is a very important right that we have and if you choose not to exercise it, then please don’t be sad or shocked when violent crime happens around you and you can’t stop it. We were given these rights for that very reason. We are responsible for protecting our country’s children.

Some of us choose to exercise our right to protect ourselves and violent crime doesn’t happen around us. We are trained and are here to help our neighbors and our country whenever and however we are attacked. Most people appreciate that we are willing to take on that responsibility when so many aren’t. Criminals can have automatic guns and can attack in groups, that is a reality. Getting killed because people aren’t able to match their firepower is also a reality we have seen too many times.

It’s the paranoia of people who are scared of guns that creates these opportunities for criminals to take advantage of. Criminals have always used whatever weapons they can get ahold of- guns, vehicles, knives, bombs, ect. The nice thing about having a gun for protection is that it can protect you against almost any weapon the criminal chooses.

There are armed guards at businesses, government buildings, airports, and many other locations. If guns were magically banned tomorrow, those guards would not go away. The reality is that it is a very dangerous world and it’s much safer in the USA because we are able to have guns for protection and we don’t have to rely on a government to protect us. If you choose not to be trained and carry a gun then I hope you are never attacked by a violent criminal, but if you are, I hope somebody like me will be close by to save you.

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