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Odd Future Member Calls Out Tyler The Creator


Odd Future Member Calls Out Tyler The Creator

Odd Future Member Calls Out Tyler The Creator


( 4UMF NEWS ) Odd Future Member Calls Out Tyler The Creator:

There’s been trouble brewing in the Odd Future camp for quite some time now, but up until this past weekend none of the Wolf Gang members had outright addressed where their issues lie. During their fourth annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival in Los Angeles, rapper Hodgy Beats spoke to the crowd about the discrepancies amongst the group and continued to address them on Twitter moments later. “Think about who built the name OF together as a unit. Now Think about who took the first initial s*** on OF” wrote Hodgy. “If it wasn’t for OF where would Tyler be?”

Hodgy then took to Instagram to continue on with his rant, calling Tyler, the Creator a “fraud” for turning “his back on n****s that never crossed him.” “N****s treat us like we’re disposable. Hodgy Doms Left [Brain] Mike G. Where Earl [Sweatshirt] go? I know he had no part in the carnival. Real recognize real. Gone,” he added.

Being no stranger to ridicule, Tyler, the Creator responded to Hodgy’s claims during his set (at the 39:23 mark), letting his fans know Hodgy has him “f***ed up.” “I put too many n****s on. I helped too many of my motherf***ing friends out,’ Tyler shouted. “And you know who the f*** I’m talking ’bout, n****. And yes it’s getting real. I love you, though.”


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