Pimp Sues ‘Empire’ For Copying His Life


Pimp Sues 'Empire' For Copying His Life

Pimp Sues 'Empire' For Copying His Life


( 4UMF NEWS ) Pimp Sues 'Empire' For Copying His Life:

Ron Newt, a man who has close ties to the Jackson family, has filed a lawsuit against Terrence Howard, Lee Daniels, 'Empire,' and others accusing the hit show of stealing his life story, reports TMZ.

Mr. Newt, a self-described "known ghetto player," allegedly met with Terrence Howard at the Four Seasons hotel where he insists they thoroughly spoke about his documentary, 'Bigger Than Life.'

Ron claims that the film depicts his past life as a "gangster, pimp, and drug dealer," and that while conversing, Howard conveyed his desire to portray Newt in the film.

So, back in January when 'Empire' debuted to huge ratings, Ron noticed substantial similarities to his life and work. Some of the alleged parallels with 'Empire' include four drug dealers being killed, Lucious shooting his longtime friend, and Cookie going to jail for drugs and later being released from prison, as the 'BTB' script also had four drug dealers being murdered, Prince shooting and killing a friend, China Doll being imprisoned for possession then eventually getting released from the big house, and a trademark hat.

Newt is seeking the staggering sum of a billion dollars in the lawsuit.