Police Shoot Man After Entering Wrong House

Police Shoot Man After Entering Wrong House

( 4UMF NEWS ) Police Shoot Man After Entering Wrong House:

Police in Georgia responding to a 911 call headed to the wrong house and then shot the man who lives there in the neck.

Three officers in Henry County got a call to come to a neighborhood near Stockbridge early Wednesday morning, and centered in on the house of William Powell.

The 63-year-old came out with a handgun and ignored commands to drop it before being shot, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

A release from the GBI suggests that there was actually no reason for Powell to have any interaction with police.

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“Preliminary review of the 911 call indicates that the officers were at the wrong location,” the agency said.

Powell, an Air Force veteran and father of three, was taken to the hospital in critical condition early Wednesday morning.

His condition Wednesday night was not immediately clear, though the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that his family had gathered around him.

The officer who pulled the trigger on Powell is on paid administrative leave, according to the Henry County police.

GBI told WGCL that the three mistaken cops eventually did find the house where the 911 call, which reported gunshots, was made.