The Popular Types Of Bonuses In The Online Casino

The Popular Types Of Bonuses In The Online Casino

( 4UMF NEWS ) The Popular Types Of Bonuses In The Online Casino:

The new gambler can get some bonuses from the best online casino sites in time of registration. Shall you take these bonuses or will it be better to refuse? You have to think twice is this type of fortune is worth it?

And don’t try to make a mathematical calculation is it a good idea to take these bonuses from the online casino or not. You shouldn’t take these casino bonuses if you are going to play in Roulette or Black Jack. But if you are going to play in slot machines such bonuses can be a pleasant addition to your passion.

First of all, let’s consider the types of bonuses in the best online casino sites:

First deposit bonus. This is some extra funds at a rate of 30 – 150% of your first deposit. However, it isn’t a charity. It is a marketing mix for a customer acquisition;

Deposit amount bonus. The rate of this bonus is 5 – 50%. The gambler gets it every time when he recharges his account on the certain amount;

Cumulative bonus. It is charged to the amount of the bet. For example, to the 100$ amount bet you get a 1$ bonus. When you accumulate the certain amount of the bonus it will be transferred to your online casino account;

Non deposit bonus. By and large, it is a free type of the online casino game. This bonus is charged to the gambler who opened the deposit account but made no replenishments;

Certain days deposit bonus. It is charged to the gambler who recharged his deposit account at a certain amount in the certain day;

Bonus for the deposit replenishment by the certain payment system. Usually, the bonus is about 10%. Lots of the banks don’t support the option to recharge the deposit accounts in the online casinos. So, the online casinos prefer to work with e-commerce organizations and try to attract the clients to use this type of the settlements by giving them such bonus;

Golden hour. It is a very tempting bonus. The gambler gets a rather big amount of funds to his account after the registration. It is about 200-500$. If the gambler wins during the hour this bonus transferred to his deposit.

You can meet and other types of the bonuses but the online casinos don’t give it very often. As a rule, such casino bonuses aren’t very valuable.

Of course, free bonus is an online casino trick. Usually, you must to win back the bonus. It means that you have to make a stakes several times bigger than your bonus. And then you’ll get an opportunity to use your bonus or to withdraw it.

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