Principal Busted Smoking Pot With Student

Principal Busted Smoking Pot With Student

( 4UMF NEWS ) Principal Busted Smoking Pot With Student:

Here's one career going up in smoke.

A Florida high school principal was caught smoking marijuana with her top unbuttoned in the backseat of a car while seated beside one of her students, according to police.

The shockingly inappropriate scene — well beyond a little loosening up — led to the arrests of both Mavericks High School Principal Krista Morton and the 18-year-old Thursday for marijuana possession, arrest records show.

The big bust followed police responding to a 911 call about people possibly engaging in sexual activity or being attacked in a parking lot, according to the police report obtained by the Sun Sentinel.

When a deputy knocked on the car's window, Morton allegedly opened the door and said she was "just friends" with the teen. She allegedly went on to say that she picked him up on the side of the road because she was lonely.

According to the police report, the teen later admitted that Morton was the principal of his school.

The charter school has since announced that it has suspended Morton pending the outcome of the investigation, the Palm Beach Post reported.

The Mavericks charter school chain was founded by Vice President Joe Biden's brother, Frank Biden.