Pusha T Talks Cutting His Braids


( 4UMF NEWS ) Pusha T Talks Cutting His Braids:

During an interview with HipHopWired, Pusha T contemplated on whether he would ever cut those unnecessary braids of his:

“If I lost a bet, I could and be happy. Like I wouldn’t care. I feel like, man, when you create the mold it is up to you to break the mold,” Pusha says about his hair. “People think I’m attached because you got guys like Charlamagne [Of The Breakfast Club] and all that that make these crazy a** statements. I’m going to incorporate him though. I’m going to make sure he’s involved if ever that day comes.”

“What’s he going to do? He doesn’t even have pores! He can’t even grow hair, he can’t grow a ‘fro! Or maybe that can be the bet. See I don’t know how is hair grows back, if he has the half moon joint…I don’t know?”

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wonder if he will-jeezy

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