Rapper Killed After Leaving Anti-Violence Rally

Rapper Killed After Leaving Anti-Violence Rally

( 4UMF NEWS ) Rapper Killed After Leaving Anti-Violence Rally:

Right after leaving a rall for peace in Baltimore’s streets, a rapper was ambushed and killed by the gun violence he wanted to end.

Lor Scoota, a rising 23-year-old rapper from Baltimore, known for his infectious “Bird Flu” song in 2014, was gunned down in broad daylight on a busy intersection in the city on Saturday, after the shooter jumped in front of the musician’s car and opened fire.

Investigators believe the ambush was a targeted attack, with Scoota as the intended victim.

“A kid that has been involved in a number of different rallies for peace throughout our city is the latest victim of crime here in Baltimore,” Baltimore police spokesman T.J. Smith told reporters at a press conference on Sunday.

An hour before he was murdered, Scoota, also known by his real name Tyriece Travon Watson, was at the “Touch the People” charity basketball game at Morgan State University. He was less than a five minute drive away when the shooter, wearing a white bandana, jumped into the street and shot him through the car.

Scoota had been giving back to his community through several peace rallies, and reading books to children on Martin Luther King Jr.

“I never had my rapper or local rappers do that for me growing up, just wanted to give the kids that experience and memory,” Scoota wrote on his Instagram page.

He had been touring high schools in West Baltimore to speak to students on the importance of staying in school with councilman Nick Mosby, the politician said in a statement on Saturday.

“I am saddened to hear about the senseless murder of Tyrice ‘Lor Scoota’ Watson,” Mosby said.

In February, Scoota was also recognized for sponsoring a Baltimore high school’s football and cheerleading program.

Smith, the Baltimore police spokesman, said Scoota had touched many lives and served as an inspiration to the city’s kids, providing new uniforms, equipment and gear.

Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill sent his condolences to Scoota in an Instagram post, pointing out he’d seen a lot of young people killed trying to “make it out.”

Police are still searching for the killer, and looking for any details of any motives behind the shooting.

“This revolving door of death is something that’s despicable and leaving too many mothers to bury their children,” Smith said.