Rapper Shot In Head Films Selfie

Rapper Shot In Head Films Selfie

( 4UMF NEWS ) Rapper Shot In Head Films Selfie:

A Compton-based rapper has given a new meaning to the term numbskull after he claimed he was shot in the head with an AK-47 and managed to survive.

The frightening ordeal occurred while Teriq Royal stood around at a gas station — and instead of rushing to a nearby hospital; he opted to whip out his cellphone to capture the result of the gruesome shooting.

Unbelievable footage shows the man, who was covered in blood, calmly walk up to the camera to tell his virtual audience that he had been shot, while bragging about earning his stripes as a "real rapper."

Royal uploaded the video to Facebook and thanked the heavens for allowing him to survive.

"God let me walk away from an AK-47 dumping rounds at me and my bros," he captioned the sick video. "I just want y'all to know God is real and God loves you. [We're] living in some dark days, we wasn't even his targets, he was just trigger happy."

The man showed off a bullet fragment via X-Ray image, calling the small piece of metal his "third eye for the rest of my life."

While noting his plans to rap about the unfortunate event, Royal says the bullet fragments lodged in his skull, could have killed him if they had pierced his brain.