Remains Of Missing Child Found In Mom’s Car Trunk

Remains Of Missing Child Found In Mom's Car Trunk

( 4UMF NEWS ) Remains Of Missing Child Found In Mom's Car Trunk:

Virginia troopers made a horrific discovery during a routine traffic stop when they found the remains of a 7th grader missing since 2004 stuffed in the back of his mom's Mustang.

Tonya Slaton was arrested for concealing a dead body when the officers found the unidentified remains during the June 6 stop in Hampton. But on Friday, investigators identified the victim as the Richmond mom’s own son, Quincy Jamar Davis, WTVR reported. More charges against the 44-year-old mom — previously convicted of trying to shoot her ex — are pending.

The time and cause of young Quincy's death have not been determined. Quincy was last seen alive in 2004, when he was in the 7th grade at a Virginia Beach Middle School. Neither his mom nor anyone else in his family filed a missing person report. Not even his teachers reported him missing from class.

Investigators are trying to determine how Quincy vanished without a trace more than a decade ago.

A state trooper pulled Slaton over on Interstate 64 on June 6 because her black Mustang had an expired tag. The officer couldn’t find her tag number in the state’s database, so he ordered the car to be towed. While taking inventory ahead for the impounding, the trooper found a black trash bag wrapped in duct tape in the trunk. It reeked — but Slaton threw some clothes on top of it and said more garments were inside.

When the trooper opened the bag, he found the badly decomposed body. As investigators work to determine how Quincy died, more charges could be filed against Slaton, who moved from Virginia Beach to Richmond since the boy vanished.

Slaton once served four years in jail for attempting to shoot her boyfriend in 2007. She pleaded guilty to attempted maiming after she fired shots through her beau’s door. She was furious that he tried to break up with her and told him “neither one of them were going to leave alive,” according to court documents.

Slaton also has an adult son. Police did not release further details on his whereabouts.

The mother of another one of Slaton’s exes said her black Mustang — the one Quincy’s body was found inside — does not belong to her. Slaton refused to give it back to her ex-husband during their messy divorce, said Bernice House, Slaton’s former mother-in-law.

The car was still in his name when the state troopers pulled Slaton over earlier this month. Slaton’s ex-husband was not Quincy’s biological dad, but he adored the boy, House said

“He was crazy about that child. It is senseless. It has done something to my family to learn this. They just can’t believe it happened to Quincy,” House told the TV station.

House last saw Quincy in 2002, before her son and Slaton divorced. She said she was long suspicious of Slaton and was relieved when the couple split.

“I was thanking God that he woke up,” she said. “I thank God he let her go. If she did something to her own son, what could she have done to mine?”