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Rick Ross Posts Bail And Released From Jail


Rick Ross Posts Bail And Released From Jail

Rick Ross Posts Bail And Released From Jail


( 4UMF NEWS ) Rick Ross Posts Bail And Released From Jail:

MIA rapper Rick Ross has had enough legal drama within the last few weeks to last him a lifetime. On last week the rapper was arrested for a second time in a matter of weeks after being popped on kidnapping and aggravated assault charges, where he allegedly held his groundsman against his will and commenced to pistol whipping him over some unknown dispute, which reportedly resulted in him sustaining injuries to his neck and jaw, as well as two chipped teeth which left him on a liquid diet sipping out of a straw.

Well after 7 days of Ross being denied bail from the June 7th incident, he and his attorney went before the judge where he was able to get bail set at $2M. Ross just recently posted bail, and by no means was it an easy feat. Ross pulled $1M in equity from his GA homes, as well as other sources to make bail. His legal woes are far from over as he willl be forced to wear an ankle monitor, and risks extreme consequences should he violate any conditions of his bail. Damn homie. This is what can happen when you “really bout that life”! Ross is out of a lot of bread…but hey he’s got his freedom.


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